Go Ducks!

January 3rd, 2013 by Eric Anderson

Up early for another frosty morning.

Frosty Morning

Overseen by a frosty moon.

Frosty Moon

A truly hectic work day followed by watching the Ducks win the Fiesta Bowl. First half at Hot Mama’s

Go Ducks, Burn One Down

And the second half at the Stalie homestead.

Soon, to bed.



January 2nd, 2013 by Eric Anderson

Got up bright and early on a cold morning for a trip to the Oregon North campus of AppNexus in Lake Oswego. This is the first full day of work for me in over a week.

First Rays

It was a bit of a hectic day back at work with meetings and an office move thrown in for good measure. Driving home I got to enjoy the Coburg hills draped in low clouds in an otherwise cloudless sunset.

Coburg Sunset I

Coburg Sunset II

Coburg Sunset III

This evening, catching up with the crazy things that crazy Carrie is doing on Homeland.


Let’s Try this Blogging Thing Again

January 1st, 2013 by Eric Anderson

It’s been almost a year and a half since I blogged here. There are lots of reasons why I’ve been an absentee blogger. Today I was inspired by Shannon’s renewed blogging to give it a go myself. This isn’t part of a new year’s resolution of any kind, so perhaps that means it will have some staying power.

Today we cleaned the house (mainly the kitchen) after hosting a super-fun and lively New Year’s Eve party with a great group of friends both old and new last night. Then we went for a hike at Mt. Pisgah. The weather was gorgeous and Pisgah was hopping. We hiked the summit trail and had great views of Diamond Peak, South and Middle Sister mountains in the Cascades from the top.

Here’s a photo summary:

Mt. Pisgah New Year's I

Mt. Pisgah New Year's II

Mt. Pisgah New Year's III

Mt. Pisgah New Year's IV

Mt. Pisgah New Year's V

Mt. Pisgah New Year's VI

Mt. Pisgah New Year's VII

Mt. Pisgah New Year's VIII

Mt. Pisgah New Year's IX

Mt. Pisgah New Year's X

Mt. Pisgah New Year's XI

Mt. Pisgah New Year's XII

Mt. Pisgah New Year's XIII

As you can see, it’s been a good start to 2013.


Football is Back

September 11th, 2011 by Eric Anderson

8:24pm. The Laboratory, Eugene, OR

Up and at ‘em around 7:30 to water the garden, then breakfast at Cafe Siena before the football day got under way.

Friday was a half day. My co-worker Pete and I went to lunch at Papa’s Soul Food and then headed out to play not one, but TWO rounds of mini-golf with a break in between rounds to enjoy a beer by the river.

Lunch was delicious

Celebrating @AppNexus's birthday with @pemerson at Papa's Soul Food

And the river, gorgeous

Beers by the river for @AppNexus birthday

Saturday was spent watching the Ducks take care of the Wolf Pack. Later that afternoon I made a tasty garden salsa with some of our tomatoes, tomatillos, pepperoncinis, peppers, onions, and garlic plus some market corn. I look forward to making another batch in the near future.

Squirrels have eaten about half of our pumpkins

Squirrel Damage

So we’ve had to harvest the rest of them a little early

Pie Pumpkins

A week of hot weather is bringing the tomatoes along nicely

Ripening Tomatoes

We’ve got some volunteer sunflowers brightening up the garden

Sunflower I

Sunflower II

Today started out great with a resounding Bears win over the Falcons. I had my doubts of the defense based on their preseason play, but they dismantled the Falcons offense today… made them look like fools. I was particularly impressed with the defensive line’s constant and relentless pressure. The Bears rarely blitzed.

The offense had very few penalties and had a number of great third down conversions, but there were several plays the Bears got away with that a better defense would have exploited to their advantage.

Next week should be a good test. The Saints D will probably improve a little bit over their Packers drubbing, but should still allow the Bears to put points on the board. The question is can the Bears D make Drew Brees look like Matt Ryan today?


September Heat

September 8th, 2011 by Eric Anderson

8:48pm. The Laboratory, Eugene, OR

Awake and up at 6:30 thanks to Rubi, and Chandra who was hurtling out the door to go on a field tour for work.

Wonderful early morning skies

Dappled Skies

A garden in need of a drink

Garden In Need of Water

It was obliged.

Today was something like the fifth day in a row where we’ve topped over 90 degrees here in Eugene. That’s what the weather forecaster said on the news today. I’m a little surprised at that. It’s definitely been warm, but I didn’t think we’d hit 90 all those days.

Ron’s Island Grill supplied a late but filling lunch in the midst of a good, standard work day.

Picked C up at 5:42 from the rental car place where she was dropping off. We stopped quickly at home and then onto Hot Mama’s Wings for dinner.

After dinner a neighborhood walk to the Red Wagon Creamery cart with neighbors J&E. However, they were all out of tasty ice cream by the time we arrived. There had been a rush. I settled for some tasty watermelon sorbet.

Football is under way. I hate the Packers.

Time for some reading and to bed.