September Heat

September 8th, 2011 by Eric Anderson

8:48pm. The Laboratory, Eugene, OR

Awake and up at 6:30 thanks to Rubi, and Chandra who was hurtling out the door to go on a field tour for work.

Wonderful early morning skies

Dappled Skies

A garden in need of a drink

Garden In Need of Water

It was obliged.

Today was something like the fifth day in a row where we’ve topped over 90 degrees here in Eugene. That’s what the weather forecaster said on the news today. I’m a little surprised at that. It’s definitely been warm, but I didn’t think we’d hit 90 all those days.

Ron’s Island Grill supplied a late but filling lunch in the midst of a good, standard work day.

Picked C up at 5:42 from the rental car place where she was dropping off. We stopped quickly at home and then onto Hot Mama’s Wings for dinner.

After dinner a neighborhood walk to the Red Wagon Creamery cart with neighbors J&E. However, they were all out of tasty ice cream by the time we arrived. There had been a rush. I settled for some tasty watermelon sorbet.

Football is under way. I hate the Packers.

Time for some reading and to bed.


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